Auto Leasing

Type of Auto Leasing

As our basic service, we offer two types of auto leasing: Operating Lease and Financial Lease, with or without maintenance.
  1. Operating lease:
    The rental rates are treated as operating expenses in the income statement. Therefore, the leased vehicles do not affect your balance sheet.
  2. Financial lease:
    The leased vehicles are recognized as an asset and payable as a liability on your balance sheet.
  3. Maintenance Lease:
    Auto leasing with maintenance is inclusive of:
    • Prices of the automobile
    • Related taxes and insurance premiums
    • Maintenance fees
    • Replacement costs for tires and other spare parts
    • Any other fees related to servicing the automobile
    • Substitute vehicle.
Let ORIX acquires automobiles of your choice and leases the cars to you for a pre-agreed period of time at fixed rent. Though we own the title to the automobile, you can use them as if you own them.