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Rental Process

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Contact us
please contact us for further information about equipment, stock availability, rental period, fees, delivery time and place.

Equipment will be delivered on your requested day
- when it is available in stock (for local delivery in Thailand).
- or takes one to three weeks upon confirmation of order. (Delivery costs are accounted separately from rental fees) 
Rental start
Be sure to inspect the equipment upon receipt
- Please check your order from the list.
Please transfer to our requested bank account
- Initial payment
    = Rental fee for the first month + Cost of consumables
        + insurance + Delivery (round trip) + VAT
- Second and subsequent payments
    = monthly rental fee + VAT,
In case of Rental Agreement for less than 3 years, rental fee is with holding tax
During Rental Period
Feel free to contact us about any matters of Equipment.
- Rental period begins on the day you receive rental equipment and ends on the day the equipment is returned to TOLC.
- Please contact TOLC if there are any problems of equipment breakdowns or malfunctioning during the rental period.
- Aiming to minimize your inconvenience, we always put best effort to repair or supply replacement of identical or similar equipments. 
Adjustment of Period
Please inform us in advance by telephone
Please contact us to either confirm the end of rental period or extend it within five days before the final day of your rental period.
Also if you wish to terminate the rental contract earlier than the original period, please contact TOLC.
Return of Equipment
Please be sure to check accessories
When returning rented equipment, please check the accompanying accessories against the list.
If any accessory is missing, you have to be responsible for the replacement costs. (Accessories are not covered by insurance).
When returning, we request you to pack the equipment in the boxes and other packaging materials in which it was delivered.
Equipment to be returned may be picked up by a courier company arranged by ORS. (Pick-up costs are accounted separately from the rental fees) 
When returning rented equipment to TOLC, please ensure to backup copies of data created with the rented equipment. We will not be responsible for any data loss. Please check that no data is left in the rental equipment as the hard disk of the equipment will be reformatted after returning.