Auto Leasing

Auto Leasing

Be beneficial with Auto leasing when your companies need to deal with their administrative tasks in order to cope with fleet management’s increment occurred from any particular reasons.

Fleet size: Over 15,000 Automobiles

Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd. has maintained the leading market position over 15,000 automobiles in Thailand. The advantages of purchasing a large volume of automobiles are clearly reflected in our venerable services and lower lease payments.

Total fleet management

Empowering your business management with ORIX services, our unique total fleet management system can support your business.

ORIX group takes pride in its no.1 position with over 1,200,000 automobiles in the world. Drawing on the ORIX Group’s accumulated expertise and capabilities, Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd. offer unrivaled services in Thailand. Our unique system of total fleet management can empower your business management.

Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd. is proud to be the priority in your auto leasing service. Entrust to us and we will boost the efficiency of your fleet management for greatest satisfaction.