Renewable Energy Leasing

Solar-Roof-Top Leasing

Thai ORIX Leasing provides the Solar-Roof-Leasing for both Own Electricity Consumption and Selling to the Grid’s Purpose :

Benefit of Solar-Roof-Top Leasing (SRTP) for Own Consumption

◇ Thailand has one of the best “Sunlight” for Solar Power Electric Generation (Radiation/temperature)

=> Expected annual solar power generation amount is 1.4 times more than that of Japan 

◇ Countermeasure for electricity tariff increase

◇ Corporate social responsibility activity (Environment protection)

Contact Information:

Thai ORIX Leasing Co., Ltd.

Thai company : Ms. Peangkwan Pou-in
TEL: 0-2792-4535 Mobile Phone:092-656-5635

Japanese company : Mr. Jumpei Mori
TEL: 0-2792-4545 Mobile Phone:081-341-4376